Productivity tools for workers

There are many productivity tools available to help workers be more effective on the job. Some of these tools can be used to manage time and tasks, while others can help with organization and communication. But if you need help from professionals, then contact Accely Indian website.


There are a variety of design tools available to help you be productive at work. The right tool for the job depends on the specific task you need to accomplish.

For example, if you need to create a presentation, you might use PowerPoint or Keynote. If you need to create a document, you might use Microsoft Word or Google Docs. And if you need to create a spreadsheet, you might use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Each of these tools has its own specific purpose and can be very helpful in getting your work done quickly and efficiently.




Canva is an application for making resumes and other documents in a highly creative manner. It provides numerous templates and choices for personalizing your work. You can establish the formality or informality of your document. You can obtain a list of preconfigured fields to facilitate document creation. These fields are also editable and customizable based on the user’s preferences. It is also an excellent photo editing tool.




PicMonkey is software for editing and customizing photographs. Numerous choices are provided for editing and formatting photographs. Additionally, you can construct a collage in any style. It is essentially a platform that promotes creative and visual communication.




Crello is an animation and graphics software. It can be used for image editing and animation design creation. There are a variety of templates from which to choose, making it incredibly adaptable. You can create posts, covers, images, and more documents.


Design bold


Design Bold is an online design and photo editing business. It allows you generate resumes, collections, posters, etc. You can choose from the thousands of available templates to give your creation a professional appearance.


Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark is an application for graphic design that includes the creation of films and graphics. It is a platform that can be used to create and distribute material such as graphics, animated videos, social networking postings, and other web stories.




Renderforest is an all-inclusive design tool that allows users to make logos, images, mockups, animated and informative movies, and websites, among other things. With Renderforest’s YouTube intro creator, you can create a video of broadcast-quality in only minutes. No design expertise is necessary to achieve a professional result!



Note-taking Tools




Evernote is an efficient note-taking tool that allows you to effectively organize and share your thoughts. The notes can be synchronized across many devices to facilitate accessibility. In addition, audio recordings and reference links can be attached. It also features a capability that enables the reading of digital material as if they were tangible documents.


Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking application that permits unrestricted writing and drawing. The application supports audio and video recording with facial recognition capabilities. Additionally, it enables you to annotate PDFs and other documents as you would in real life. Additionally, it is free to use with just an email account.


Google Keep


Google Keep is an app for creating lists, reminders, and to-do lists. It is Google Docs compatible. You may synchronize your notes and add audio and color coding to them. It is completely free of charge. For future reference, you can attach reminders in the form of voice notes. It facilitates the collection and organization of notes.


Apple Notes 


Apple Notes is the application for taking notes on iOS and macOS devices. It enables for the addition of text, photographs, videos, and other types of notes, and then synchronizes them across various devices. Apple Pencil is compatible with the Notes app. You may draw lines of varied thickness by applying lighter or heavier pressure to the pencil. These variances impart a sense of realism.


Distractions and Concentration Tools


Brainfm is a music-based tool for concentration and productivity. It utilizes music to stimulate the brain and enhance concentration. It seeks to unleash the capacity of music to improve our cognitive states. You can select a mental state to receive the corresponding musical genre. Enhance concentration, relaxation, meditation, and sleep, among other modalities. It is designed to produce obvious benefits within fifteen minutes.


Hocus Focus 


Hocus Focus is an application for Mac and iOS devices that reduces distractions and fosters a state of concentration. People tend to squander a substantial amount of time on their devices without really doing anything, so this can be a very effective method for assuring productivity. The tools give a variety of inventive features to encourage user concentration and maintain a clutter-free desktop.




It is a productivity-enhancing tool that integrates a daily calendar with a focus-based interface. It functions as a planner with a focus timer based on timeboxing. This includes devoting multiple hours per day to a specific hobby. It is essentially a method of representing the hours of the day.




RescueTime is a time management program that provides an analysis of your daily activities. It aids in minimizing lost time and developing a productive plan. The company’s motto is “work-life balance.” It continuously monitors the time you spend on webpages and other applications to provide a detailed account of your workday.




This is a tool for adjusting your computer’s lighting to coincide with the time of day. At night, your computer’s display will resemble indoor lighting. However, during the day, it will resemble sunshine. These modifications in light will truly improve your nighttime sleep.


PomoDone App


PomoDone App is a comprehensive and synchronized productivity and time management ecosystem for all your devices (Windows/Linux/macOS/web, iOS and Android).

Boost, optimize, and monitor your workflow with the Pomodoro technique in addition to your existing task management system (Asana, Trello, JIRA, Basecamp, Evernote, Slack, etc).

Utilize an interruption barrier to improve your concentration: block specific websites while you’re working, tell your distributed team via Slack, and set your device to Do Not Disturb mode. Utilize your work log for analysis, reporting, and invoicing.

Free for all users, with premium plans for advanced and team users.


Documentation Tools


Google Documents


Google Docs is a word processor powered by Google. It also provides more alternatives, such as spreadsheets and presentations. The documents can be edited and updated in real time. This eliminates the problem of content loss due to unsaved data. With the shareable link, it is possible to access the document from many platforms. Smartest Interactive Documents


It is an integrated documentation tool with an iterative interface that facilitates the creation and exchange of professional documents. Real-time uploading and updating makes it possible for team members and coworkers to access information as it becomes available.


Zoho Docs


Zoho Docs is an online documentation application that offers centralized access to documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other file types. These can also be shared with a simple link, avoiding the inconvenience of consuming a great deal of system space.




Confluence is software for collaboration that aids in the organization of work and the creation of professional documents. It includes the ability to update documents online without saving them separately.