Game changer in circular saw market

Milwaukee has stepped their game up and awarded us a complete size 7-1/4″ circular saw with their 18 V FUEL cordless stage. Only last year I analyzed their 6-1/2″ variation and gave it 5 out of 5 stars since it had been a complete monster in regards into power and operate time. Within this article I am taking a look at the large brother, Model 2731-22 (just 2 battery kit) that will prove the last blow about cutting the cable to circular saws.

As a way to dive in to this brand new product I have spent setting it at the shop also through any testing at work. After spending a while together for this particular saw I will say I wont be having a AC power source except for circular saw tasks.

Through time that there were steady developments to cordless circular saws however the majority of these simply couldn’t match daily applications like cutting edge framing timber and heavy sheet goods. Both saws left a massive impact and demonstrated that cordless circular saws are ready within the power category.
But, both saws had small problems that I feel this brand fresh saw overcomes. The Makita saw utilizes a complete size 7-1/4″ blade however it is powered by 2 18 V batteries also weighs only 10.1 pounds. The elderly 6-1/2″ Milwaukee simply weighs 6.8 pounds since it runs on a single battery however it utilizes a less popular blade dimensions.


So that you may be asking your self whether the Milwaukee saw is equally really as powerful as the Makita. The solution revolves round the simple fact a brushed engine is being used by Makita and Milwaukee is taking benefit of a engine. The outcome can be a rotary saw that’s ample power for the roughest materials including timber that is engineered.

When It Counts

Having a cordless circular saw that delivers this level of power the benefit to be cordless becomes more of use. Whenever you believe that a number of the popular corded circular saws out there weigh between 10-lbs and 14 pounds (Makita 5007, DEWALT DWE575, Bosch CS5), the 9 pounds of this Milwaukee 2731 is really just a welcome feature when working upwards significant.

Rob Robillard with M-18 FUEL Circular Saw Rob recently utilized the 2731 to a window replacement project also had the following to express. The M18 FUEL 7-1/4″ Circular Saw provides me the power that I want for the task done while letting me perform many stories large without the fear of tripping on a string. Tools such as the 2731 are letting me be productive and work safer on daily basis.

Among things which I enjoy about that brand new version may be the simple fact it is the complete size circular saw. Total dimensions at that it utilizes a 7-1/4″ blade rather of a”particular” dimensions which may be difficult to see if you actually need it. You are able to utilize any 7-1/4″ blade which you have obtained on your trailer or task box and also maintain functioning rather than hunting for this needle in a hay pile!

Still another quality I believe is worth mentioning is that your warranty for the tool and batteries. Milwaukee supplies a 5 yr warranty to the tool and 36 months on the battery packs. It’s wonderful to find.

Run-time was among the huge facets with cordless circular saws also I feel that’s actually just really a dead issue today. With two batteries are not many tasks which the carpenter can carry out another may be charged that’ll drain a few of those batteries. Even the 4.0 Ah XC battery packs may cut 200 two ×4 on a single control and the charger may fully control the battery in 1 hour. Milwaukee is introducing 5.0 Ah battery packs that can offer you up to 30 percent longer!

I understand a number of you’ll proceed to be doubtful of a cordless circular saw. All I will say is get both fingers and you also will dump the corded circular saw. This tool is powerful, lightweight, and well developed. Little else to say apart from that I can not wait to find out what’s next with this field of FUEL tools . Do your self a favor and save some cash which means that you are able to purchase this.

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