Te Best Brave Response Belly Band Holster Review

The First Courageous Solution Holster is a belly band holster marketed as “the most secure, maximum capability hidden instruments holster on earth.” Courageous Reaction created the holster to become cozy and functional with any semi-vehicle handgun combined with any attire.

We ended up being hesitant, to say the least.

But does marketing and advertising basically reveal the holster in person?

I examined it to determine, and so I am talking about a few things I located as well as you. Let me tell you just why this holster is a great option for concealed keep.


To have a feel for this holster, I wore it for a while though continuing about common, everyday variety programs.

For an author, I don’t head out around the average person and I also don’t usually have though in the home. Knowing that I specifically made a determination to evaluate this holster on a few days after I comprehended that I’d be out and approximately, potentially working errands or planning to with great buddies.

Remember–it’s an only technological investigation in case you prepare it down… it is exactly what I venture now.

I wore the holster a few days when I proved helpful to have a sense of what those of you who hold at desk duties might practical experience. Also, I wore the holster following I stored my flat, like when roaming your dog or going to uncover the snail mail, as a result, I really could get a feel for how helpful it really is.

Additionally, since the Distinctive Courageous Answer Holster was built to use when lively, I even wore it when training. I jogged a number of MLS although while using the abdomen band to determine the way it keeps up with the activity and so I wore it when doing a small yoga and exercise to really look at the limits of the holster’s retention.

The Original Brave Respond to Holster seems as much as concealing a huge-scaled handgun similar to 1911.

For my exams, I carried a Glock 19. After all, it is merely about the most well-appreciated CCWs as well as a weapon I personally use as being a CCW with a bit of persistence. I employed an entire-scaled 1911 to evaluate performance, at the same time, for most who enjoy using a whole-scaled tool.

Since I use a more compact-than-typical physical stature, Also I drafted normally size human beings and other Pew Pew Ideal bloggers, Matthew Collins, to support me out with this review by giving me some responses about how precisely this holster functions on much more common physiques.

Like me, he wore the holster for several days when moving about regular, everyday pastimes.

So, with no further much more keep off of, let us explore the holster on its own!

Building & Solutions

Like the vast majority of belly groupings, the Courageous Reaction holster secures all over the wearer’s hips or waist with the versatile band.

Nevertheless, while many stomach bands are sizeable accommodating groups with wallets in the flexible to hold your handgun and periodicals, the band from the Brave Response holster is merely 2” vast.

The 1st Courageous Answer Abdomen belly band holster reviews make use of a stretchy buckle to install to your body.

The band joins to some fabric solar cell, about 5.25” higher, that contains wallets to have a gun and three mags. The stretchy fronts from your wallets keep their elements firmly facing the material panel.

Courageous answer calls their fabric “Sharkskin Canvas” mainly because it is highly tough and ought to even withstand cutting and ripping. Now, I didn’t invasion the holster possessing a knife or nearly something, nevertheless, the fabric definitely seems difficult adequate to resist everything that could reasonably happen to it whilst it is actually getting used.

Despite the razor-distinct-sounding Sharkskin Substance, this holster is secure.

The elastic is additionally premium quality – it is heavier sufficient becoming longer lasting, but gentle enough simply being adaptable.

Lastly, Courageous Answer supplies a two-year skillfulness guarantee, for those who have a difficulty utilizing the holster, like divide sewing, you have to simply mail out it rear and they’ll recovery your holster or provide you with a different one.


Adaptability is a principal pro for this holster. If you want a single holster that works well for multiple weapons or that may be offered among numerous people, the first Courageous Reply Holster is a good alternative. Here are the methods the flexibility inside the Real Courageous Reply Holster shines.

Pistol Options

Initially, Brave Respond says that their holster will shape any semi-intelligent pistol and so I believe it.

The First Courageous Respond to Holster suits about anything–including my 1911.

Both Glock 19 as well as the 1911 (a Ruger SR1911, if you’re curious) I examined fit and healthy safely. Subcompacts generally is a little cost-free within the holster, while the removable retention straps will still have them constantly in place.

The maintenance strap connects around the holster with velcro, along with the within the firearm prices are actually velcro lined. This means you can transform the spot and elevation in the preservation straps for your best for placing your handgun of choice.

The varied preservation band making use of the thumb reduce just click.

Around three mag wallets might look unusual, nonetheless, they could also be employed to carry a wallet blade, flash light-weight, or similarly assessed item.

The Best Pistol Discounts, Deals, and Recognizes

Join to Pew Pew Tactical’s merchandise income and discounts e-snail mail.

This really is extremely handy to adopt several of that more weight away from your EDC items off of your slacks or perhaps for having the power to carry even more of your EDC products when you don’t have pockets or have limited banking account space–a case girls often experience.

Plenty of room for my Glock 19, again periodicals, lighting, or other things I have.

Method Kinds

Simply because it comes from the development line, the holster satisfies 30” to 54” waists, however, you can cut off any too much waistband fabric to obtain a lot more small produce or receive the extension from Courageous Answer, that allows it to suit waists up to 70”.

The Initial Courageous Response Holster provides lots of adjustabilities.

Usually Generally If I would use the holster long-lasting, I’d definitely cut further period from the band. Nevertheless, basically, if I wanted to talk about the holster with somebody that required the extra period, we could still use Courageous Response’s extension to incorporate another 16”.

This holster isn’t ambidextrous, but Courageous Reply does source suitable- and outstanding-given possibilities to help you still get a variation you prefer.

The left-given version in the Real Courageous Reply Holster.Performance

I had been also amazed while using capabilities and fundamental basic safety from the Initial Courageous Solution Holster.


In my come across, many belly groups don’t give you adequate cause basic safety, nevertheless, the Unique Courageous Answer Holster completely handles the result in.

If you’re looking for higher bring about protection, the Courageous Response holster is the way to go.

I was pleasantly surprised at the holster’s firm retention–even without needing the upkeep strap–but I definitely recommend evaluating it all out with your preferred handgun before relying upon the holster without the strap.

Bringing in & Holstering Your Tool

I didn’t have issues pulling from the Courageous Reaction Holster, but as with any holster, you may desire to education to make certain you’re completely self-confident along with it.

The holster positions the weapon at somewhat of any forward cant, that I imagined manufactured drawing much less difficult, nonetheless some shooters could find unpleasant, particularly if utilized to a holster without any cant.

The holster’s cant is incredibly obvious having 1911.

Holstering your tool is a bit trickier utilizing this particular holster. Following I used to be initially looking for it all out, I needed issues consistently placing the muzzle between the levels of your own holster, nonetheless, it definitely obtained less challenging the higher I holstered my weapon.

Employing & Taking out the Holster

The holster is fast to put on and remove, so it is perfect for getting the dog in the evening or perhaps for when I’m out operating errands and must go somewhere where carry isn’t allowed, similar to the DMV or post workplace.

On a considerably more personalized notice, any person who’s maintained with any uniformity is aware trips for the restroom might be a very little tough utilizing a tucked away tool.

Just consider maintaining yoga exercises slacks a record of a regular IWB holster–I dare you.

Not very using this holster. I simply hoisted it before losing my jeans, then supplied it towards the position after I used to be all conducted. I love how the weapon totally stayed within my body therefore I didn’t need to have to handle excess weight from the holster and handgun when refastening my pants.


I only got a number of small problems with functionality.

In the beginning, when donned with denim jeans, your capacity to purchase prior to the holster became basically unusable on account of the bulk of the firearm, but they’re women’s denim, so it wasn’t a greater bar to start with, and this can be a trouble with virtually any IWB holster I’ve experimented with.

Entrance wallets happen to be very small in women’s denim, but this holster causes them to be unusable.

Matt shows me this isn’t an issue having a larger sized put together and men’s trousers, provided that there are far more area and larger size wallets to be effective along with.

Following, can I wear the holster also low on my hips, I observed that the holster would modify so the pistol transferred even closer to the middle of my body when I journeyed around.

I imagine that my stylish bone tissue was really forcing the weapon while I moved, the moment I believed out your best method to set the holster, the shifting had not been anymore an issue.

Yet again, Matt didn’t have this challenge.


The Courageous Respond holster is considered the most, or maybe the most, inviting holsters I’ve actually donned.

It facilitates the bodyweight within the goods close to your whole body and distributes it efficiently, but it’s still flexible adequate in becoming cozy to move around in. I didn’t skill any twisting or foldable.

It is also quite breathable, instead of most stomach teams I’ve experimented with.

I have done so practical experience some rubbing in the traction within the handgun after I wore the band against my skin area, even so, once I use an undershirt it had been not anymore a problem. The holster’s easy assistance averted rubbing inside the holster on its own.

I tried the holster with bluejeans, leggings, and running shorts, additionally it was definitely comfortable with all the next two (but what isn’t a lot more confident in leggings or jogging shorts?). I could possibly definitely use it all day because of the jeans without the need for substantial soreness, even though.

The First Courageous Response Holster may be donned whenever you need it, which includes around the exercising pathway.

After I extra a buckle while using denim jeans, it began to be somewhat uncomfortable. That had been fine with me, since I have detested sporting straps anyway, however, if you place on the buckle daily it can be definitely some issue to understand.

No matter what trousers we wore it with, the holster never slipped or seen substandard even when showing up in the health club on the inside. Even though functioning from your holster, I could perhaps definitely come to feel some come back, nonetheless, it wasn’t unpleasant or irritating.

If you’re helpful to a far more organization kydex or normal leather holster, this product and flexible holster may well not exactly truly really feel secure as opposed, but that’s just psychological as opposed to a problem using the holster. You will get comfortable with it in time.


Concealability is when I had by far the most problems with this holster, but that’s genuine generally holsters because of my proportions.

Since belly teams go well with next to the appearance where you can surprisingly low profile, I have got no difficulty camouflaging using them, and also this trend ongoing with this a single.

This holster was straightforward to use under my day-to-day garments while keeping my tool beneficial.

I needed a significantly much simpler time hiding when sporting the holster within an appendix carry place all around my hips than while using the holster close to my waist, but which matches me alright since I dislike hauling during my waist. I learn it a lot less comfy and a lot tougher to quickly ease of access to my handgun.

When appendix having a Glock 19 and free of charge mag from the holster, I educated little to no stamping during my standard cool-climate conditions getting apparel. Typically in the majority of waistband holsters, an excellent light pistol is way too big to carry on my small modest frame without the need of generating regardless of a few things I place on, which means that this holster really allowed me to carry a larger pistol that I’d typically be capable of.

You need to know I’m moving to distinguish paper under my winter season apparel.

I was previously even capable to cover up the G19 in operating shorts plus a reduced exercise aquarium leading, but not with my every day comfortable-weather clothes. For anybody, I’ll stick to a subcompact as well as a subcompact, I’d probably choose to choose a holster that can fit a subcompact much more tightly, including the Can Can Concealment Stylish Hugger or Activity exercise Belt.

It is a bit harder to conceal this holster within my summer season put on, though.

In spite of garments, I necessary concerns stamping while using holster totally total. The volume in the things was only too large when compared to dimensions of my system. I wouldn’t are actually qualified to disguise it regardless of the I wore it with, with the exception of perhaps a mascot attire or among those classic hoop dresses.

Fairly specific I managed to mask a container under it without this stamping.

But when yet once again, these don’t trouble for average measured and greater methods. Matthew didn’t have a problem camouflaging despite having a full holster, along with 1911 rather than Glock 19.

The Important Thing

Ultimately, I had been very amazed together with the Traditional Courageous Respond Holster.

Because I still possessed challenges with concealability, they were mostly on the profile of my little stature. Moreover, the issues have already been much less intense than I’ve experienced with just about any other holster I’ve experimented with, and this holster was really efficient ample at concealability to create possess a mobile pistol achievable, an element that I haven’t managed to execute in past times.

That chance alone is definitely worth $70, the holster’s collection price.

We are interested in the initial Courageous Respond to Holster!

For folks who don’t have got a comparable concealment issue that I do, enhanced comfort and breathability of your respective holster definitely allow it to be worthwhile.

While you don’t utilize it as being on a daily basis holster, the Courageous Solution holster is ideal for when you’re wearing slacks using a stretchy waistband or are particularly productive, even during a lot more create slacks.

Courageous Reply also definitely makes the Appendix Bring Holster, which I haven’t tried nevertheless I think is much more very small-construct pleasurable.

Courageous Reaction affirms it’s a lot cozier and publishing even less on account of bands that draw the grasp even closer to the entire entire body. It merely has a place for your gun in addition to a solitary extra mag, for that reason they have significantly less large in comparison to the Authentic Courageous Effect Holster.

The Brave Respond to Appendix Take Holster features a more lightweight footprint, excellent for smaller sized solutions.

I am just expecting to offer the opportunity to check it soon and give a firsthand accounts, but small size shooters will truly want to permit it a design too.

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